Apocalypse: Evasion of the Wipeout




I am excited to tell you that we have come up with our new game.

We used Blender for all 3D modelling for Apocalypse. For our game engine, we chose to work with BGE and added our own scripts in Python to extend it when required.

The game takes you to a post-apocalyptic world where every race starts to doubt and hate the other. The protagonist, in his thrilling journey, comes across several clues, one leading to the other and tries to uncover the truth behind the destruction.

The levels are all modeled in 3D using Blender. Also, we have used the blender game engine, which we complimented with Python for specific modifications.


You can play a Windows version of this game here  Apocalypse_WindowsVersion .

(We have a Linux/Solaris version too. Please contact me if you want one.)

Caution: The game is a bit edgy.


Here are some screenshots from Apocalypse.

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